Covid 19 update

We have received guidelines and updated all of our locations to comply with dine in requirements to ensure safety for our customers and staff. Masks are required when entering and interacting with staff. This includes when ordering, when food and drinks are delivered, to the and when interacting with anyone such as going to the restroom.

The Victoria location will be staying open later than usual as we know many people need food late at night and there are less available so we will be trying to stay open as late as possible with hours from Noon until Midnight when possible.

We will be implementing delivery, with cash payment only, within Victoria and more information can be found on our special announcements page here . Other delivery options can be done via orders placed with , , , and Tutti .

Please note that bills will have a surcharge of 10% added. Please note that this is a temporary surcharge that has been added due to the rising food costs. As our restaurant depends on meat for each of our dishes we have been directly impacted by the rise in food costs. As we proudly use Canadian beef we have been impacted by the closure of several plants which has caused an increase in costs.

We have chosen to add this temporary charge rather than modify the quality of product that you are receiving as it would be a disservice for you to spend your hard earned money and our product not live up to your expectations.

Again, this is only temporary and will be removed as soon as the meat prices have returned to a normal price. Thank you for your patience and understanding with this issue.

About Pho Boi

Pho Boi, A Taste of Vietnam was founded in 2009 by Hoa Boi Nguyen as a mean to provide for his family.  And like most Vietnamese households, family businesses were exactly that, operated by and for the family.  The name “Boi” was selected for its simplicity in pronunciation and significant royalty lineage. Little did we know how Boi’s would have evolved years later.

Vibrant and charming, Pho Boi offers authentic Vietnamese food, using healthy, high-quality ingredients, and unique presentation. Our vision is to create not only delicious meals, but also to provide an enjoyable dining experience, and a sense of wonder through the Vietnamese culture.

When you visit Pho Boi, you will experience the warmth, tradition, and culinary treasures of Vietnam. Our forte is “Pho” Vietnamese noodle soup. We are proud to offer the best pho prepared with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. We also offer a variety of dishes that reflect our commitment to superior quality, including: rice plates, vermicelli bowls, and specialty items. We look forward to serving you!

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